films: the corrugator: second half (2004)

The Corrugator: Second Half (2004)
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The Corrugator gets invited inside for tea... but what is he looking for?

This second half was never finished... originally the plan was to have them fight outside on the lawn doing some kind of really bad Anime song parody, with boxes flying, with repeated pull backs like Anime fireballs and stuff... then it turned into this, and we wanted to finish it off with The Corrugator becoming friends with everyone because he was misunderstood and never had a friend, and then when he sees his son (it was going to be a cardboard box with Sandra Bernhart's face on it), he was going to snap again, and try to murder them all.

But... we all like The Corrugator character, so we'll be doing stuff with him again in the future.
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