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"Because some of the stuff here is actually interesting... maybe... well, probably not... go away!"

A Different Perspective on Stolar
Are Dreamcast Games Getting Better
Are Third Party Memory Card Worth The Risk
Avatar Just a Hoax
Death of the Saturn
Doug's Year in Sega 1998
Dream Cast Thoughts - Pre May 21
Dreamcast Modem Capabilities
Dreamcast Thoughts - After the Bomb
Editorial - Pro Netlink
Forgive me, Sega For I Have Sinned
Get 'Em While They're Young With the Force
Importing a Dreamcast
Is Sony's Emotion Engine making Sega cry
Konami, Capcom, Namco and Dreamcast
Let The Real Spring Cleaning Begin
Saturn - The Bottom Line
Saturn In 1998 - The Few, The Proud, The Domestic Releases
Saturn's Failing - Analized
Sega and the Industry
Sega Lay-Offs And New System
Sega Makes Its Statement
Sega's Dream Team
Sony's Dream, Sega's Nightmare
Status of Sega in Oz!
The Dreamcast is here! Now what
The Dreamcast MUST succeed!
The Saturn After E3
The Saturn is White in Japan
The Saturn Retail Market
The Saturn's Last Farewell
Three Years That Did Not Shake The World...
Tokyo Game Show 98 - How Did Sega Fare
Top 10 Things Sega Needs to do When they Launch Katana
VMS, A Key-chain and So Much More
What Dreamcast Needs to Succeed in the U.S. Market
What's Wrong with PlayStation
Why All The Secrecy From Sega
Why The Netlink Failed
Will The SNCC Strategy Work

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