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Bleem!Cast configuration file -
Could be interesting for ... well, nobody (INI file)
Bleem!Cast - MGS and TK3 information from rand

Dreamcast Stuff: - top of page
Dreamcast - 4X VMU Incompatible Games
Dreamcast - BBA supported game list

Dreamcast - BBA quotes
Dreamcast - Capcom game release list
Dreamcast - EGM Review Scores
Dreamcast - How a GD-Rom works
Dreamcast - Japanese software sales as of January 1, 2002
Outtrigger - JP server info
dreamcast launch title list (usa)
Sega's financial situation pulling out of Dreamcast
ULTIMATE DREAMCAST RANKINGS - Official@Dreamcast Magazine, March/April 2001, pages 22-37
Dreamcast Ethernet Adapter Petition - I started a petition for the Broadband Adapter to be released in America a lot quicker than it took them... this is the archived petition
GSCCC vBulletin Board - Stealth Codes DO NOT Work - Sega managed to get the "stealth codes" for Phantasy Star Online disabled, and hilarity ensues... "We thought that Sonic Team wouldn't be smart enough to reverse engineer. We're very wrong there."

Fonts: - top of page
Chu Chu Rocket - 19K
Panzer Dragoon - 49K

Interviews: - top of page
Burning Rangers Interview with Yuji Naka -
Interview conducted by Warren Harrod, for Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) (issue 31, May '98).
Last Bronx Interview with Akinobu Abe, Saturn port producer
- from Sega Saturn Magazine

Saturn Stuff: - top of page
Saturn - Key disc information

Shining Force 3 - PC Port Usenet Post
Shining Force 3 - How it used the sound processor to render graphics information

Sega (company) Stuff: - top of page
My X E-Commerce Job at - an account similar to "Thank You for Calling Sega" but less insane
Shining Force battle numbers
- number of battles in Shining Force 1, 2, and 3
"Thank You for Calling Sega" - disturbing, yet funny account by a Sega customer service rep during the Genesis days

American Sales Charts: - top of page
November 2004
October 2004
September 2004
August 2004
July 2004
June 2004

Old, Random AOL Archives: (message boards or something) - top of page
Phantasy Star 3
Sonic 2
Sonic 3
Sonic CD

Audio files: - top of page
Sonic Xtreme Interview with Mike Wallis - 23min 30sec
- MP3 format

Videos: - top of page
No images available 32X Tech Demo Video
Windows Media Video format, 46.0 megs
Runtime: 06:58

Sega CD Survivor Archives: - top of page
Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3

Images: - top of page
Estimated Sega Sales in 2002

Phantasy Star Online - version 1 - Character Types manual scan
Sonic: Rez

Isao Okawa's death: (mht, may only open in Internet Explorer) - top of page archive

Isao Okawa

Random Editorials: - top of page
A Defense of Sonic Underground

Big Dreams - Part 1
Big Dreams - Part 2
Dreamcast: Accessory to Murder?
32X, Neptune & Nomad
The Black Dreamcast
Saturn: The Bottom Line
Saturn: The Bottom Line - Part 2
Why The Dreamcast Cannot Fail - Part 2 (part 1 is missing)
Dreamcast's Graphics Capabilities Leave Some Wanting...
How Sega's dream became a nightmare
Will There Be a DC Emulator?
The Impact of Sonic Adventure
Is The Katana Doomed Already?
Mega CD
Should Nintendo Be Worried About Sega?
Is It November Yet?
Poor Old Bernie
The Impact of Sonic Adventure (2)

Sonic X-Treme?
The World is Square
Immortal Combat (Gamepro)
Playstation 2 specs confirmed at 55 million polygons per second
The Archie Sonic Comic changing to fit the upcoming 'Sonic Underground' TV Show
The Great Saturn Sendoff - EGM - Page 1 of 8
The Great Saturn Sendoff - EGM - Page 2 of 8
The Great Saturn Sendoff - EGM - Page 3 of 8
The Great Saturn Sendoff - EGM - Page 4 of 8
The Great Saturn Sendoff - EGM - Page 5 of 8
The Great Saturn Sendoff - EGM - Page 6 of 8
The Great Saturn Sendoff - EGM - Page 7 of 8
The Great Saturn Sendoff - EGM - Page 8 of 8
Why Sonic Underground is going to do horrible