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Posted: 04/28/2000    Previous | Headlines | Next

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EGM on Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Shuffle

Last month's issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly - the June issue, with Tony Hawk on the cover - promised readers that the next issue would feature the first screens and info on Sonic Adventure 2. Unfortunately, Sega of America decided after the June issue went to press that the timing wasn't right to unveil Sonic Adventure 2 just yet. "It's a bad-news/good-news kinda thing," said Crispin Boyer, EGM's features editor. "We lost out on Sonic Adventure 2 for our July issue, and I apologize on behalf of the magazine for not delivering the screens and info. Sega is promising us that we'll be the first magazine to show Sonic Adventure 2, but when we get those screens is a bit up in the air right now. Now here's the good news: Our new issue does pack the first look you'll get anywhere of Sonic Shuffle, which until recently went by the working title Sonic Square." Sonic Shuffle, one of Sega's biggest E3 titles, is a party-style game starring Sonic and his mammal pals. It packs 50 minigames and supports network play.

The July issue, which is hitting subscribers now, also packs exclusive info on Sega's E3 titles, including Quake III Arena (find out about the novel way you'll access the game's secret characters) and Jet Grind Radio (bet you didn't know you could create your own graffiti designs). The new issue of EGM will hit newsstands next week.

By EGM Staff, Electronic Gaming Monthly


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