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Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast)

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Introduction Video
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Runtime: 02:03 exclusive video


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Skies of Arcadia - spot 1
MPEG format, 892K
Skies of Arcadia - spot 2
MPEG format, 984K


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Okay, okay, here it is:

During the development of Skies of Arcadia, writer Chris Lucich named the Vyse's final sword the "Vorlik Blade" after fellow writer Klayton Vorlick (who's also done games like JGR and Sonic Adventure 2).

Lucich went around the department telling everyone about Vorlick's inflated ego.

So what did Vorlick do in retaliation? LOL, he named one of the slime enemies a "Lucich".


"but, we've all been trying to convince a lot of the higher-ups, but, when there's a finite amount of money to be used up for marketing, we're getting the best we can. we actually had to fight for print ads (we weren't going to get any advertising at first)."

-SoA rep on getting television ads
-from the IGN boards


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