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Sega Commercial Archive - Over 150 Sega commercials from America, Europe, and Japan
Non-Commercial Ads
- Print ads, radio ads, and animated banners
- another website with over a thousand commercials for all systems (will open in a new window)

News Archive:
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Huge Random News Archive
- over five thousand old Sega related articles, or random pages, from 1997-2001ish, for Google to crawl, and you to get lost in

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Other Archives:
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DreamKey Game Page Archives
- Archives of then-locked and now dead sites such as ""
Flash archives
- Flash archives from Sega, such as Space Channel 5 puzzles
- Arcade flyers and whatnot
Gaming-Age Archives
- Random archives of the Gaming Age message boards
Random Archives - From the Outtrigger JP server address, to interviews with Yuji Naka
SegaBase Archives -
Because they mysteriously disappeared and had boatloads of info...
SegaNet Archives
- Because they died, and I archived some of their stuff
Videogame Soundtrack Tunes Quizzes
- Fifty music samples per round... can you guess which game the music is from?
VMU Downloads
- All downloads here *SHOULD* work on a Dreamcast


Game Specific Pages: - top of page
Game Title Cover(s) Screens Videos News Articles Commercials Platform
Coaster Works Yes None 1 1 None DC
D2 Yes None 21 16 None DC
Die Hard Trilogy No 20 4 None None SAT
House of the Dead, The Yes 50 None 5 Yes SAT
House of the Dead 3, The Yes None 2 None Yes XBox
Illbleed Yes None 9 1 None DC
Ring, The: Terror's Realm No 28 9 None None DC
Seventh Cross Evolution No 20 6 2 None DC
Skies of Arcadia Yes None 1 14 Yes DC
Sonic Adventure Yes None 23 85 Yes DC
Sonic Adventure 2 Yes 96 11 14 None DC
Sonic Heroes Yes None 4 None Yes Multi
Space Channel 5: Part 2 Yes None 7 17 Yes DC
Zombie Revenge Yes None 19 16 None DC