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8/17/2001 - 7:35 PM - #114

Stolen Gamecube Controller?

Heh, it appears some idiot at this year's E3 did in fact steal a Gamecube controller by cutting the cord, and putting it in his bag. Well, now the idiot is auctioning it on eBay. Wow, Nintendo is gonna nail his ass for this. 

- The auction itself (auction is archived on the website, actual link before the auction gets shut down is here)
- Planet GameCube news story and forum commentary
- Gaming Age forum commentary


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(8/16/01 11:11:21 am)
Re: Want to buy a Gamecube Controller?
You should have been to the 97 E3 in Atlanta.....

Security there was a joke, and thieves were running rampant...

Someone stole a entire box of Leather Jackets from Nintendo and tons of display monitors were missing (Accolade was hit the hardest with somthing like a half a dozen TVs GONE!)

Besides that and the sweltering heat, the place was a miserable madhouse.....

Did anybody else here attend that show?

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(8/16/01 11:11:32 am)
Re: Want to buy a Gamecube Controller?
Hahaha, it's amazing how stupid people can be in this country...putting his name in a picture with stolen goods?!

:lol :lol :lol :lol
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(8/16/01 6:05:00 pm)
Re: Want to buy a Gamecube Controller?
I think it is funny, I wonder why they chose a GC one and not a Xbox one to steal.
Maybe it wouldn't fit in his bag. :lol

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8/17/2001 - 6:15 PM - #113

"Bob Villa" archives

Here are the Bob Villa archives:
Tuesday, August 14th, 2001
11:54 pm - Gullibles: Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em
BOB VILLA: Did you download the new stuff for "Sonic Adventure 2" off Sonic Team's site?
GoodCow2K: Yes, have you?
BOB VILLA: Yeah, those new endings are incredible.
GoodCow2K: Huh? What endings?
BOB VILLA: You have to beat the game again once you download them (last level at least), but man, they're worth it.
GoodCow2K: ... the only downloads so are for three Chao, three voice themes, and a kart track
BOB VILLA: In the Dark ending, it turns out Shadow was only a ghost Robotnik could see (hence why Maria didn't hear him before), and for the Hero ending, Sonic was the one who set up Shadow.
BOB VILLA: No, they just posted these tonight.
GoodCow2K: I just checked the site.
BOB VILLA: Press reload.
GoodCow2K: I did.
BOB VILLA: You may have to clean your Dreamcast's browser cache, then.
GoodCow2K: ... the Dreamcast doesn't have a cache.
BOB VILLA: Yeah it does.
GoodCow2K: No, it doesn't. It's cache is the RAM, which is cleared when the system is turned off.
GoodCow2K: Are you just bored tonight?
BOB VILLA: No, there's a back-up cache. When turning on the system, hold all the buttons on the controller to delete what's in.
GoodCow2K: ... those are the internal settings for the ISP.
GoodCow2K: ... and there's nowhere to store anything except the lithium battery, which is 32K at max.
BOB VILLA: Point is... try turning off your system and then going back on for the new endings.
BOB VILLA: They're 79 VMU blocks a piece, but again, they're worth it.
GoodCow2K: ... even though I just viewed the website ... on my PC ... and there's no new downloads...
GoodCow2K: WAY TO GO!
BOB VILLA: I doubt you'd understand the endings anyway, you'd have to play the game twice to fully get it, just like most M. Night Shyamlan movies err, games.

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12:53 pm
(In reference to

GoodCow2K: The picture lends itself to either SA2/3 or NiGHTS 2.
BOB VILLA: You can barely see anything from the picture.
BOB VILLA: How can you make that assumption?
GoodCow2K: Well it doesn't look like BR.
GoodCow2K: How could you make that assumption?
BOB VILLA: It doesn't look like anything.
GoodCow2K: BR was red... with fire.
GoodCow2K: I do.
BOB VILLA: The picture actually looks like cows getting molested for milk.
GoodCow2K: So, Sonic Team is making a videogame based off the movie Rat Race?
BOB VILLA: In conclusion, I don't think you should buy anything from Sonic Team ever again.

And in case you're wondering, I'm not that sick when it comes to the cow remark. GoodCow himself said those words to me last night, so now you can fully understand the joke.

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Sunday, August 12th, 2001
11:58 pm
GoodCow2K: Do you have PSO?
BOB VILLA: Err, yes.
BOB VILLA: We've talked about this before.
GoodCow2K: Really? ... I don't remember talking about this.
BOB VILLA: Check your IMs.
GoodCow2K: I'm doing that now.
BOB VILLA: *MATCHES FOUND: 2 OUT OF 9,774,984,373,017,104*
GoodCow2K: Ugh, Explorer is basically frozen.
GoodCow2K: I hate Windows.

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Monday, August 6th, 2001
4:15 pm - "GOOD" FUN
BOB VILLA: I had your liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
GoodCow2K2: That can be construed as sexual harrasement
BOB VILLA: I'm not the one who sodomizes Muppets.

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4:04 pm
I love it how some people don't get direct messages and refuse to give up and act like nothing ever happened. Seriously, more power to them. They're ambitious.

Yes, I'm talking to you GoodCow2K2.

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8/17/2001 - 6:00 PM - #112

Kooky message board findings

Here's some kooky stuff from the Gaming Age message boards.
Author Comment
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(8/16/01 1:47:56 pm)
Tomorrow I will play NGC, X-box, and unreleased PS2 games!!
Who wants to touch me? :p

I'll give impressions over the weekend.

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Calder Muyo
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(8/16/01 1:50:21 pm)
Re: Tomorrow I will play NGC, X-box, and unreleased PS2 games!!
Touch you with what?

Oh. I see.

[puts down cricket bat]

Not that I'm jealous... ;)

And they threw me out of school
'Cause I swore at all the teachers
Because they never teach us a thing I want to know
We do Chemistry, Biology and Maths
I want Poetry and Music and some laughs
And I don't think it's an awful lot to ask....

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(8/16/01 1:50:55 pm)
Re: Tomorrow I will play NGC, X-box, and unreleased PS2 games!!
Who wants to touch me?

It all depends on where ......... j/k ;)

Anyways, where are you planning on playing these?


"Besides, since Sony has like 1000 times more games than both of them [Xbox and Gamecube]......" ~ The exaggeration at Opa-age is unparalled ~

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8/16/2001 - 1:15 AM - #111

Oh boy, this "mysterious" person is funny...

Here's a funny entry from a mysterious person's LiveJournal. I'm censoring their name for privacy reasons, but I'm pretty sure you can figure out who it is.
Wednesday, August 15th, 2001
11:58 pm
GoodCow2K9: *ugh* Is there any reason you keep suddenly blocking me for no reason? Should I just delete your screen name to free up space?
BOB VILLA: You caught me at a bad time.
BOB VILLA: I'm going now. SLEEPY TIME.
GoodCow2K9: So, delete your screen name?
BOB VILLA: Just because I'm not on you assume I blocked you.

1) How does "deleting my screen name" free up space? COMPUTER SPACE - NO. More people does he mean? Yes then, I guess. BUT ON WHAT AIM NAME AND AT WHAT PRICE?
2) Why does he assume I blocked him personally? How does he know I didn't block everyone on my buddy list?
3) Why is it that a good majority of people in this world refuse to see the other side of things, how it affects people, what they are feeling and what they are going through? PUT YOURSELF IN SOMEONE ELSE'S SHOES. Well, not literally.

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In other news, I got Death Crimson OX and another VMU today. Well, not today, since it's 1AM the next day now... but ... today. (yesterday) Next week I'll snag Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern. After that, I want the following:

Sega Bass Fishing 2
Ship Date: 8/22/2001
Price: $29.99
Category: Dreamcast
Phantasy Star Online Version 2
Ship Date: 9/12/2001
Price: $39.99
Category: Dreamcast
Propeller Arena: Aviation Battle Championship
Ship Date: 9/19/2001
Price: $29.99
Category: Dreamcast
Ship Date: 10/16/2001
Price: $29.99
Category: Dreamcast
Shenmue II
Ship Date: 10/30/2001
Price: $39.99
Category: Dreamcast
Ship Date: 11/16/2001
Price: $39.99
Category: Dreamcast

Then ... apparently, it's all over... Then I just have a big backlog of games to get. Oh well... I'm level 82 now with PSO. Ever since I actually got the online play working, I've nearly doubled my total play time in less then two weeks.

Noah just sent this link: 

Title: Mario vs. Sonic -The Duel
Author:   Randy Solem (profile)
Site: Video Game Director's Cuts
Audio: New Order/ Prodigy/Darude
Origin:   8/14/01
Size: 1727k
Score:   4.08/5.00
(1,674 votes, 18,162 views)

I haven't seen it yet, since I'm typing this stuff... and updated stuff like the link about as I'm updating the page. I'll watch it when I'm done... which will be now. No more typing after this. ... bye. 

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8/13/2001 - 6:00 PM - #110

Updated collection pictures

Here's some new pictures of my videogame collection.

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8/12/2001 - 9:50 PM - #109

Lots o' PS-OHHHHH!!!! 

Well, I played about four and a half hours of PSO today, at the weekly RGVS ( meeting. Played with Ryna, Oracle, and Pup. That was fun. I kept finding a lot of Mind/Material and HP/Material. Leveled up twice. After that, played a quest with Ryna, and after that a quest with Ryna and Puchiko. So, when you find good people to play with, PSO r0xx0rz. ... too bad the majority of people are idiots with Gamesharks now. Losers.


Total EXP:
To Next Lv:
Lv 78

ATP: 336 (266)
DFP: 322 (188)
MST: 588 (588)
ATA: 161 (121)
EVP: 607 (385)
LCK: 28 (28)
EFR: 34
EIC: 37
ETH: 39
EDK: 25
ELT: 22

Now I have:
   - Valitant Frame
       - God/Body
          - A reinforcing unit for protective gear. Boosts defense by 40 when equipped.
       - Super/Resist
          - A reinforcing unit that boosts fire, ice, lightning, light and dark resistances by 7 when equipped.
       - State/Maintenance 
- A reinforcing unit for protective gear. Prevents all adverse effects when equipped.
       - God/Mind-
- A reinforcing unit for protective gear. Boosts mind energy by 22 when equipped.

Also got some new items...
God/Luck - A reinforcing unit for protective gear. Boosts luck by 10 when equipped.
Master/Ability - Boosts evasion, attack power, mind energy, defense, and accuracy by 10 when equipped.
Wizard/Technique - A reinforcing unit for protective gear. Raises all techniques by 1 level when equipped.

Also this...

Author Topic: My father destroyed my Dreamcast and is gonna throw me and my friend out of the house!!!
Posts: 20
Registered: Aug 01
Date Posted: 5:55pm Subject: My father destroyed my Dreamcast and is gonna throw me and my friend out of the house!!! - Date Edited: 6:01pm (1 edits total) Edited By: slappy999
Cripes I am in a pickle and I do not know where to turn!!! I am 30 years old , I have never had a girlfriend and I have a good friend, Bruce, who loves my company and loves to play Dreamcast with me. Yes, I still live with my parents and I am very heterosexual although I am also curious...who isn't?!
To get to the "meat and potatoes" of my dilemma:
Last night around midnight me and Bruce were playing Space Channel 5 trying to finish the game, it was around 1:00am and we were playing in my parents basement. Bruce was making fun of me because I kept messing up and we began to wrestle. My father came downstairs to see me pinning Bruce to the ground and tickling him to teach him a lesson. I am very athletic and strong as I was a former athlete, (figure skater). Anyhoo, my father begins calling us f*gs and other horrible names. Than he sees Space channel 5 and says, "This game is for ****ots!" He ripped the Dreamcast from the wall and threw it to the ground, destroying it! He also threw me and Bruce out of the house and he says I have to move out ASAP! What should I do? Should I sue him for punitive damages and and destruction of personal property?! Skittles, I need some advice!
Thanks in advance my friends....Toodles.
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8/11/2001 - 10:05 PM - #108

No, not dead...

Yes, yes, yes, updates have gotten very lax, I know ... well, goodbye for now.

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